Safety Equipment

In both race and service categories, all vehicles must be equipped with navigation and safety devices.

The rental of these instruments is included in the entry fee. Nevertheless, you will have to buy the mounting kits (brackets, wires, aerials), so as to fix them in your vehicle.

In addition, you will have to pay a deposit for each device to each related suppliers.


In order to confirm the booking of your devices, you must :

  • Validate the booking of your instruments (order forms or websites of the suppliers)

  • Pay the deposits




Compulsory devices :

  • Iritrack : rental included in your entry, automatic order

  • Distress beacon : rental included in your entry, automatic order

  • GPS UNIK II : rental included in your entry, to be ordered to ERTF (compulsory order form)


Not compulsory, but highly recommended :


Vehicles must present themselves at scrutineering with the various mounting brackets, cables and aerials of the different safety equipment already fitted, ready to receive these systems (GPS, Iritrack).

Failure to do so will result in a penalty of 150 € per item of equipment not installed.

Iritracks and GPS’s must be connected directly to the battery (with a fuse) so that they continue to function when the engine is stopped. The main circuit breaker of the vehicle must act on the positive “+”, but GPS’s and Iritracks must be mounted directly to the battery.

A compulsory training course on the GPS, the Iritrack and the distress beacon will take place in Moscow, before the general briefing, at 14.30 on 15th at the Qujiang International Conference & Exhibition Center, Hall B4, in Xi’An.


1- Iritrack :

The Iritrack is a safety system that enables vehicles to be tracked by satellite, set up by organizers and compulsory for all racing vehicles. The order of your Iritrack is done automatically, further to your registration.


If you’ve never been equipped, you will have to order all accessories (bracket, aerials, wires, alimentation) on Marlink’s dedicated website: rubric Silk Way Rally of the catalog.


A deposit, which will guarantee the return of the Iritrack in good condition, must be paid to Marlink before administrative checks.

For Silk Way Rally 2018, all trucks will be equipped with the Iritracks V3. Competitors who do not have the new accessories (bracket, alimentation) will have to order them to Marlink. Aerials and wires remain unchanged.


2 – Distress Beacon

The Distress beacon is a positionning system, followed by Cospas Sarsat (, used in the case of an accident, only in the case of the Iritrack malfunctionning. The order of your distress beacon is done automatically, further to your registration.


A deposit, which will guarantee the return of the distress beacon in good condition, must be paid to Marlink before administrative checks.


Technical information:

Download Assembly instructions - IRITRACK KIT CAR &TRUCK

Download Assembly instructions - NEW IRITRACK KIT CAR & TRUCK

Download Important information FOR CARS & TRUCKS

Download Important Information NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP


Contact Iritracks, distress beacons, sat phones, safety equipment:

MARLINK EVENTS –Rally-Raid Department


114, Avenue d’Alfortville – 94600 CHOISY-LE-ROI

Tél. : +33(0) 1 48 84 34 07 - Fax : +33(0) 1 48 52 53 54


Website dedicated to your additional orders for 2018 Silk Way Rally (sat phone, safety equipment listed at art. 50P2  etc): rubric Silk Way Rally of the catalog.



This specific GPS, with intentionally restricted functions, is compulsory for all racing vehicles, to ensure an equal chance for all and to preserve an element of navigation in the desert.

The GPS Unik II will have the Sentinel function integrated. It is also used to check the respect of the route and of the speed limits. Checks are carried out every day when crews arrive at the bivouac.


A maximum of 2 GPS Unik II can be authorised per Vehicle, depending on the supplier’s availability.


To validate the booking of your GPS UNIK II, you must fill in an order form and send it back to ERTF.


A deposit, which will guarantee the return of the GPS UNIK II in good condition, will have to be paid to ERTF before administrative checks.


Order form (GPS UNIK II) :

Download order form

Technical information:

Download technical manual


Contact :


Parc Technologique de Soye – 56275 PLOEMEUR

Tel.: +33 (0)2 97 87 25 85 - Fax: +33 (0)2 97 37 59 21



Compulsory devices :

  • TRIPY TRM-II-C: rental included in your entry


Kits for accessories are to be ordered directly on Tripy’s webshop (page Limited offers):


Service vehicles will all be fitted with a Tripy system, having the double function of an automatic Road-Book reader and of a GPS, with speed control.

Its rental is included in the vehicle entry fee, except for vehicles passing from race to assistance (further to retirement or exclusion), which will have to pay the instrument’s rental as well as its accessories kit and its deposit directly to the organisations’ supplier (Tripy).


So as to get your GPS TRIPY in Xi’An, you must fill in the deposit document and send it back to Tripy.


This deposit document, which guarantees the return of the GPS TRIPY in good condition, must be completed and sent back to TRIPY before administrative checks.



This year, it is possible to hire a GPS TRIPY for the convoy from Russia up to Xi’An. They will be downloaded with the complete convoy road-book, in the same format as the service road-book.

The GPS TRIPY will be given to the competitors by a TRIPY representative, in Travemünde, before boarding or in Pokrov, for those who join the convoy in Russia

The rental is made directly with Tripy, on their website (link above).


Order form (TRIPY TRM-II-C) :

Download order process and deposit document


Contact :


Faubourg de Bruxelles, 320 – B6041 Gosselies –  Belgique

Tel.: +32 (0)71 34 74 90 - Fax: +32 (0)71 34 73 99