Welcome on the media accréditation area of the SILK WAY RALLY! 
You wish an accreditation for the whole rally, you can chose between 3 different types of accreditation :

  • Individual press accreditation transported by the organizers
  • Individual press accreditation in a press vehicle
  • Individual press accreditation transported by a service vehicle

*Caution : Press officers from teams must request their accreditation on the competitors  online registration area. Their access to the media center is submitted to the approval of the media service. 
Start by informing the details concerning your media, then fill in the journalist form and select the type of accreditation. 
According to this choice, you will have then to fill in the information concerning the press vehicle and to select the mode of transport to go to the start in China in Xi’an and to leave Moscow at the end of the rally.
Your accreditation will be definitely taken into acocunt only upon receipt of the corresponding payment of the total amount of the accreditation and transport services of the vehicle (if necessary).
One account corresponds to a media. You can request several accreditations for the same media with the same account. You cannot request several accreditation for different media with the same account. 
IMPORTANT : registration is compulsory made in latin alphabet, except for the boxes « Name in cyrillic », « First name in cyrillic » and « Patronym in cyrillic » which must be filled out in cyrillic letters for journalists coming from CIS countries.
In all cases, the media service is at your disposal if you need further information.
Belen OTERO :


Chris Rodrigo