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Diesel test on Silk Way Rally route

Diesel test on Silk Way Rally route

For many years Silk Way Rally has not only been a unique environment for vehicle strength tests but also served as a tough marathon that crosses the most challenging areas of Eurasia and provides conditions to check other car components. This year a unique experiment was performed during the race: on the entire route from Moscow to China some vehicles used an innovative Diesel Opti fuel, developed by Gazprom Neft, an official fuel partner of Silk Way Rally.

“Diesel Opti is our modified product. It first came to market in Siberia, so it has already passed freeze tests. This time we wanted to test its heat and off-road endurance on Silk Way. The objective was to ensure the sustainable work of car engines in such extreme conditions,” - said Gazpromneft Filling Station Network Marketing Director Yana Belyakova.

For the first time in rally history a fuel transporter with 5 liters of Diesel Opti fuel followed rally caravan to maintain experiment integrity. Equipped with mobile filling device, the transporter provided fuel to the vehicles, subject to experiment, anytime literally in the middle of fields. Satellite system of movement and fuel consumption control allowed Organization to follow the vehicles online step by step and to record consumption details. 

Every day car engines suffered an enormous pressure: the route went through Russian forests, Kazakh steppes and Chinese Gobi desert. Dangerous turns, giant dunes and permanent change of surface set racers a real challenge, together with continuous rains and 50-degree heat. During the tests the cars completed almost 6,000 km and consumed total of 2489 liters of Diesel Opti.

On August, 7 the cars were delivered to Moscow and examined by experts. Along with performing regular examination, they dismantled fuel filter to check the amount of fuel impurities, took off oil filter and drained engine oil, recovered air filters for checking. The experts also performed extra computer tests of fuel and engine systems.

Diesel Opti is a diesel fuel with improved performance for the same price. Independent research of international laboratories prove that, while used regularly, the fuel cleans engine nozzles and reduces fuel consumption up to 4-7%. Diesel Opti is available only at Gazpromneft filling stations and will replace regular diesel fuel at all Russian filling stations of the network by the end of 2017.