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Silk Way Rally to continue effective cooperation with China

Silk Way Rally to continue effective cooperation with China

The Russian stages of the eighth edition of Silk Way Rally were successfully held from 21st to 27 July, with the first prize taken by Yazeed Al-Rajhi on MINI (X-Raid Team) in car class and Andrey Karginov (KAMAZ-master Team) in trucks. As soon as in the end of September the Silk Way Rally China will be officially started in Xi’an.

Silk Way Rally is one of the biggest competitions in the world of rally-raids. The first edition took place in 2009 and connected Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. At that time rally was conducted at the initiative of the presidents of these three countries, who were also personally present on the award ceremony. The rally name “Silk Way” represents the Eurasian nature of the race and its meaning for the connection of all countries in the area of the ancient Silk Way. About one thousand racers on their cars and trucks took part in the rally from 2010 to 2013.

In 2016 Silk Way Rally reached a new level with a support of rally general partner Gazprom. Rally route for the first time in its history crossed Russia, Kazakhstan and China from Moscow to Beijing. Such decision was made to emphasize the active development of diplomatic, social and economic relations between Russia and China. Sino-Russian crew competed on that rally edition in the category of trucks.

A year later Silk Way Rally once again connected Russia and China: rally route went from Moscow to Xi’an. In 2017 Grand China Rally was conducted in the framework of the international marathon, and its competitors joined the SWR caravan in Urumqi. The leading Chinese cross-country racer Han Wei became one of the rally medalists.

The rally route is significantly updated, comparing with the ones of 2016 and 2017, and consists of two parts – Russian and Chinese stages. The Silk Way Rally Organization Team stays true to their motto: every next race must be better than previous one and contain something new.

Chinese stages have always been unique because of the Gobi Desert, which sets best challenges for the racers, together with one of the highest fixed dunes in the world and the picturesque oases with small lakes.

The Russian stages of SWR 2018 went from Astrakhan to Moscow. This edition was a tough challenge even for the most successful racers, the leaders of cross-country rallies. The competitors expressed the common opinion – Russian stages were one of the most challenging ones in their racing careers. Russian and Chinese racers completed the route with outstanding results – first places were taken by Zi Yungang in T2, Maria Oparina in T3, Andrey Karginov in T4 and Sergey Karyakin In Open 4.

The finish ceremony of Silk Way Rally 2018 in Moscow was attended by the Deputy Head of State General Sports Administration of China Mr. Gao Zhidan and the President of the Chinese Automobile and Motorcycle Sport Federation Mr. Zhan Guojun, who announced the program of Silk Way Rally China will be held from 30th of September to 5th of October 2018 along the route Xi’an – Alxa Youqi.


  • September 30 – Xi’an Start Ceremony

  • October 1 – Xi’an – Alxa Youqi

  • October 2 – Alxa Youqi – Alxa Youqi

  • October 3 – Alxa Youqi – Alxa Youqi

  • October 4 – Alxa Youqi – Alxa Youqi

  • October 5 – Alxa Youqi Finish Ceremony


Silk Way Rally China will be conducted under the support of the Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation, State General Administration of Sport of China, Chinese Automobile and Motorcycle Sport Federation as well as local governments and administrations of Chinese provinces along rally route.