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Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov: «I’m sure you will impress your fans, while continuing to create the history of Russian automobile and motorcycle sport»

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov:  «I’m sure you will impress your fans, while continuing to create the history of Russian automobile and motorcycle sport»

On August, 23 the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov met Silk Way Rally Organization team and KAMAZ-master team members. The meeting was held in the residence of Tatarstan President – the Governor Palace in Kazan Kremlin.

Speaking about Silk Way Rally, Tatarstan President emphasized that its organization was a complicated and serious operation, which could be compared to a military campaign, as required a lot of people, timely effort and accurate logistics involved.

Then, Rustam Minnikhanov addressed KAMAZ-master Team: “Congratulations on the successful finish of another racing season. You once again proved to the world that you are the best team, the masters of motorsport. You symbolize reliability, speed, professional skills and loyalty to your sport.  For many years KAMAZ-master has been a permanent champion and prize winner of different competitions. No doubt that the success of last year was achieved due to the smart and concerted teamwork under the direction of Vladimir Chagin and the renewal policy, pursued from 2012. Experienced masters prepared themselves a replacement and young sportsmen are performing excellent results. From 2013, new crews win front positions on rally marathons every year. Due to your achievements, thousands of people got interested in motorsport and decided to commit themselves to automobile construction. My words of gratitude to KAMAZ-master crews, technical personnel, mentors and team fans.”

Rustam Minnikhanov also gave special thanks to KAMAZ Directorate and its Director General Sergey Kogogin.

“I am sure that your new victories are yet to come, and it will be challenging as your rivals are very strong, - Rustam Minnikhanov said. – I hope you will impress your fans, while continuing to create the history of Russian automobile and motorcycle sport! Your each win is crucially important for Russia, Tatarstan, KAMAZ,” - Rustam Minnikhanov addressed the racers. Tatarstan President handed over the state awards of the Republic of Tatarstan. Among the awardees were the members of Silk Way Rally Organization team – Competitors’ Department Manager Oksana Zakharova and Director of Preparation and Service of organization vehicles Robert Amatych.

KAMAZ-master Team Director Vladimir Chagin responded to President’s speech.

“We’ve completed an enormous work to prepare Silk Way Rally, - Vladimir Chagin said. – Great, large-scale, titanic efforts were done, this is a long-term and long-distance competition – almost 10 thousand kilometers and 14 days. We are glad that state governments and regional administrations support Silk Way Rally, this support unites us, sport serves to unite people, motorsport serves to develop enginery.  I would like to mention our Tatarstan stage of Silk Way Rally. I am sure that race competitors will remember its level of organization, the greetings of fans and the beauty of nature. Undoubtfully, Mr. Minnikhanov, Your attention and personal control of organization assured the highest level of race conduction. Rainy weather put at risk the entire stage. Nevertheless, administration directors dealt the situation with full responsibility: digged the pipes near fords, graveled the pathless forest dirt. All this allowed not to cancel the stage and enjoy it, both for competitors and spectators.”

On behalf of Silk Way Rally Directorate Vladimir Chagin presented Tatarstan President the bronze statuette of Terra Cotta warrior, holding racing helmet in his hands, as well as a stone monument of 8 horses, made by Chinese craftsmen. “A horse is considered sacred in China, and number “eight” means luck and prosperity. As Chinese saying goes, the one that rides a horse is destined to win,” – explained Silk Way Rally Director.

The first reconnaissance of Silk Way Rally 2018 starts in September. Let us remind that Rally Organization for the first time decided to accept motorcycle entries, which will increase the popularity of this transcontinental competition.

Photo Credits: Tatarstan President Press Office