Rally 2017


For the Silk Way Rally of year 2017 the Organization Committee prepared a new route project, which includes the best features of the 6th edition as well as some developments and surprises. The rally will once again take the form of marathon through Russia, Kazakhstan and China, which has proved itself successful last year.

Rally caravan will take off to a thrilling and fascinating journey, starting from Moscow Red Square. After two weeks of uncompromising struggle the competitors will finish in Xi’an – the ancient cradle of Chinese civilization and the starting point of Silk Road.

The process of route creation started in November 2016, when 12 specialists on Toyotas, official cars of the rally, went to the Kumtag Desert, near the famous Turfan Basin. Reconnaissance group targeted on finding the most exciting routes that will not only set competitors a great challenge but also make them discover the diversity of Eurasian natural landscapes. The second part of this exploration – the general reconnaissance –started in April, after the Organization Committee will have finished to conquer Russian and Kazakh territories.