Rally 2019

Silk Way Rally is one of the biggest competitions in the world of cross country rallying

The first edition of the Silk Way Rally took place in 2009 and connected Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. 

The rally name “Silk Way” represents the Eurasian character of the race and its meaning for the connection of all countries in the area of the ancient Silk Way.

About one thousand racers on their cars and trucks represented 30 world countries on the rally from 2010 to 2013.Silk Way Rally reached a new level in 2016: rally route for the first time in its history crossed Russia, Kazakhstan and China from Moscow to Beijing.

Since 2016, the rally has taken form of a transcontinental rally marathon, uniting the sportsmen from dozens of countries on the unique route along the ancient Silk Road.


The Silk Way Rally Team is ready for the ninth edition of the race. The recco group has already personally studied the regions in October and started the work– it will be an awesome route full of beautiful landscapes and unexplored roads. Just imagine: Russian fields and valleys, great Baikal lake, Mongolian desert and steppes, and lastly - the amazing sands of China!

Made by in the best traditions of the "Silk Way" - excellent service, best cuisine, attentive sports management and a unique, inimitable route!