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2017 SILK WAY RALLY: The Legend Continues!


2017 Silk Way Rally Beijing press conference.

Silk Way Rally administrative groups together with 140 representatives from media, rally teams and industry in China attended the press conference hold on Dec. 15th in Beijiing.

Moscow - Xi’an from July 7-22, 2017.

The 2016 Silk Way Rally which was completed successfully in July 2016, has achieved great success. 

The sixth edition of Silk Way Rally, starting from Red Square in Moscow finished at the Beijing National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, has received huge support from both Russian and Chinese governments. 

After the 2016 race, Silk Way Rally brand surpassed sport field and became a growing platform which integrates racing, economy, culture and travel. The organization gained precious experience from this Trans-Eurasian race, and the preparation of the 2017 Silk Way Rally is now underway.

Furthermore, thanks to the support of rally general partner “Gazprom” the race has got annual support for its conduction up to 2018.

On the press conference, representatives of the Silk Way Rally Organizing Committee gave their speeches separately, focusing on the different aspects of the 2017 race. 2017 Silk Way Rally, which will start from the Red Square on July 7th, will finish two weeks later on July 22nd in Xi’an. The race will cross Russia, Kazakhstan and China covering 14 stages.


Vladimir Chagin, Silk Way Rally Project Director:

With the success of 2016 Silk Way Rally, all challenges are already met, I understand that we reached our target. Wide open spaces, wonderful scenery, a friendly atmosphere in the bivouacs, the spirit of adventure and rivalry reminded the participants of the unforgettable routes of the late 20th century. Millions fans of motorsports from all over the world watched the uncompromised struggle on little-travelled territories of the new challenging routes! It happened! Organizing such a complex transcontinental rally has brought us invaluable experience. We are now confident on making the next edition even better and more interesting.

Frédéric Lequien, Silk Way Rally Deputy Director:

Our presence here in Beijing for the first Silk Way Rally 2017 press conference is a strong and symbolic act. The support of the Chinese authorities was very important and brought the Silk Way Rally to the level it has reached today.

The sports and media interests for the Silk Way Rally "king-size" goes well beyond the borders of the countries hosting the race.

The international organizing team is working hard to deliver an exceptional edition in 2017.

Denis Simachev, Silk Way Rally Creative Director:

I was struck by amazing energy of those who took part in this project: organizers, crews, journalists and fans! Coupled with racing competition spirit, beauty of landscapes, rich culture and history of countries crossed by rally route, it has given a big boost to the development of Silk Way Rally brand. The White Tiger has made a significant jump!

Mr. Xin Hua, Chairman of FBLIFE:

Silk Way Rally is a Trans-Eurasian rally, initiated and organized by Russian and Chinese governments. The success of the 2016 race has boosted the development of the motorsports’ economy and brought new opportunities for road trip travelling. Silk Way Rally has the best organizing team and international influence. We believe that, working together, we will bring the race to a new level.

2017 SILK WAY RALLY: The Legend Continues!



2017 SILK WAY RALLY Program

10th January 2017 Opening of registration – Start of reduced fee

3rd April 2017 Start of standard fee

1st June 2017 Closure of registration

5th, 6th and 7th July 2017 Administrative checks and scrutineering in Moscow

7th July 2017 Start podium on the Red Square in Moscow

8th to 22nd July 2017 14 legs 1 rest day

16th July 2017 Rest day in Urumqi

22nd July 2017 Prize giving in Xi’an