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New places, new adventures! Silk Way Rally 2017 Reconnaissance is moving forward.


Organization of International rally-raid “Silk Way Rally” continues to conquer sands! Reco group now explores Chinese lands, working on the Road Book of the Silk Way Rally 7 th edition, which will take place next July, with 14 stages trough 3 countries.

12 specialists on Toyotas, official cars of the rally, started from north-west of China in Kumtag Desert, near the famous Turfan Basin. This area is known for its exceptional summer heat. Reco group targets on finding the most exciting routes that will not only set competitors a great challenge but also make them discover the diversity of Eurasian natural landscapes. And if this year many pilots have qualified the Silk Way Rally route as the hardest of the year, in 2017 participants are expecting new surprises, therefore the basis for the future race is being formed right now.

The first part of reccies will last until the beginning of December, and general reconnaissance will start in April and include Russian and Kazakh territories, which are currently covered with snow.

2017 Silk Way Rally will start from the Red Square on July 7 th , to finish two weeks later, on July 22 nd , in Xi’an – the ancient cradle of Chinese civilization and starting point of Great Silk Road, which have set a connection between East and West centuries ago.

New places, new adventures! Silk Way Rally 2017 Reconnaissance is moving forward.

Luc Alphand
“I've attended rally-raids for about twenty years but I never get used to the infinite beauty of the landscapes of our planet! Trust me, after seeing the draft of the new route, I can tell you that next year Silk Way Rally competitors will take a lot of pleasure every day ! As for the sporting aspects of the route, they will be well-balanced. A huge upcoming edition !"

Vladimir Chagin
« One of the important tasks of this year is to reduce road sections between special stages as much as possible. We consider different options, always looking for interesting routes. A great help is provided by both Kazakh and Chinese Federations of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports”.