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Presentation in Northern Capital: Silk Way Rally on St. Petersburg International Gas Forum


Silk Way Rally organizers participated the 6th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, which was held from 4th to 7th October in Convention & Exhibition Centre ''EXPOFORUM". Rally- raid was represented by an inside interactive stand and an outside ground, on which everyone could explore a real racing truck and a Toyota assistance vehicle.

In the framework of forum, Silk Way Rally organizers also held a presentation in a format of friendly discussion on results of last race and on future plans.

"Active reaction on the part of competitors and supporters encourages us to actively work on the next edition of Silk Way Rally. The relevant decision is already made by Alexey Miller, the Chairman of Management Committee of Gazprom", – said the Head of project, Vladimir Chagin. – "The new route was discussed on the meeting with the President of Russia, we have already done some good groundwork. The seventh edition of rally will be held next July". Among representatives of rally organization on the meeting were two-time winner and current champion of Silk Way Rally, Ayrat Mardeev and winner of 1 st edition of race, Andrey Mokeev, who this year joined Russian-Chinese crew created upon the initiative of project general partner Gazprom as a symbol of friendship and cooperation between two countries, also gave their speeches on the meeting.

At the end of presentation everybody was welcomed to take pilots' autographs, ask questions to Silk Way Rally Directors and get a picture with KAMAZ-4326, driving which Andrey Mokeev and his crew partners Hou Hongning and Shen Xin won the 5 th place in Trucks category. In 2016 the route of International Silk Way Rally connected the whole Eurasia and China and led more than 100 vehicles from Moscow to Beijing through Kazakh steppes and Gobi desert. The 1 st place in Cars category was taken by Cyril Despres and David Castera of Peugeot team, and Ayrat Mardeev, Aydar Belyaev and Dmitry Svistunov of KAMAZ-master team became the best in Trucks.

Presentation in Northern Capital: Silk Way Rally on St. Petersburg  International Gas Forum

Vladimir Chagin, Head of Silk Way Rally project: "The whole Silk Way Rally Directorate accomplished a great work on preparation and management of this race. While heading East, we traced the part of Ancient Silk Road. Now lots of people got interested in next edition. As far as I can tell, we are working on the 2017 rally and we should be ready to make an official announcement end of the month".

Nadejda Chekunova, Silk Way Rally Marketing Director: "This year the project reached a new level. The great attention was paid to media activity. On its entire route the rally was followed by a great number of Russian and European journalists, Chinese media have also shown deep interest in the event. Hundreds of journalists got their daily access to bivouacs, and the race was broadcasted in 197 countries".

Ruslan Misikov, Silk Way Rally Sporting Communication Director: "Silk Way Rally project is not only a unique sporting event, it is also an interesting way to meet new people and create new economic relations and partnership. During the race rally bivouacs turn into real cities, and we are proud to note that this year Silk Way Rally made some new friends".

Ayrat Mardeev, the 2012 and 2016 winner of Silk Way Rally, member of KAMAZ-master team: "I want to thank organizers and project partners. The race was very impressive: it was attended by world's best teams and provided all types of surfaces. This year rally was very challenging for our team: we faced some difficulties and the competitors were very strong. But that were hard Chinese special stages that gave us opportunity to win back our position and show the best result. We haven't seen such sands for a long time, and China was also new to us – this country has a beautiful nature and interesting routes. I hope that this project will continue to operate and develop".

Andrey Mokeev, 2009 winner of Silk Way Rally, member of "One belt – one road" team: "This race united Russia and China in two weeks, and our crew was united by one cabin. We meet each other a few months before start. My crew members can only speak Chinese. So we had to learn a language of sport. At first we communicated by gestures and signs, but then we realized that it was time to start using words. It was their first time to participate a foreign race and they were very impressed both by rally organization and by the interest shown to the race by Russian media. But Chinese journalists also gave us the same warm welcome after border crossing. I think, guys are looking forward to the next Silk Way Rally".