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Silk Way Rally Organization Committee meeting in the Russian Ministry of Sport: special attention to race security service


On March 9 Russian Minister of Sport Pavel Kolobkov met Silk Way Rally Organization Committee to discuss the preparation and conduction of 2017 Silk Way Rally, the route of which would cross Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

The first part of meeting was dedicated to the summary of the race of last year, when the longest route in the world connected three friendly countries for the first time. Rally Director Vladimir Chagin emphasized the key role of state authorities of every level, including local governments, in the successful conduction of 2016 rally.

Organization Committee representatives summarized the results of the last race, commending all organization services and coordination of all processes, dedicated to the better performance of scheduled racing events and activities. They also expressed gratitude to Russian Ministry of Sport for its support, provided at the highest level.

“We have started to hold this rally seven years ago, and it is a very challenging and large-scale event, conduction of which requires to pay attention to various questions of safety, medical service, visa support. And we have an experience of holding such big events. We have what to be proud of and what to share with foreign partners,” said Russian Sport Minister Pavel Kolobkov. “The conduction of this race is very important for our country. First of all, this sport is very popular, but it also concerns the foreign relations of Russia.”

“Last year we gained such experience for the first time. The pressure on the Organization Committee increased significantly – it was the first cross-continental marathon in the history of our project,” said Vladimir Chagin. “Last year the first racing stages took place in Russia, it was crucially important to start the race successfully, to conduct the very first special stages properly. And it was done perfectly, thanks to the concerted efforts of all institutions. We proved that Russia was ready to prepare and conduct such large event in the shortest time.”

Vladimir Chagin also introduced the preparation process of the 7th edition of the rally. He mentioned that the expansion of rally geographical scope was one of the organization objections. “In 2017 we plan to change the route in order to expand the geography and allow the residents of other Russian, Kazakh and Chinese regions to watch the race with their own eyes, to become the part of this show, which before was available only through the TV screens,” added Chagin.

As a result of the meeting Minister of Sport of Russia and the President of Silk Way Rally Organization Committee Pavel Kolobkov assigned several departments, including Federal Security Service, to provide the organizers with all necessary support in the security arrangements and the organization of efficient border crossing between Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, taking in account the projected increase in the number of competitors, compared with 2016.  

Silk Way Rally Organization Committee meeting in the Russian Ministry of  Sport: special attention to race security service