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Speaking with pilots. Silk Way Rally presentation on Russia Northern Forest Baja.


The 7 th edition of Silk Way Rally, which will be held on July 7-22 along the route Moscow- Astana-Xi’an, was presented on the first round of FIA World CUP for Cross-Country Rallies – Russia Northern Forest Baja. This event, which opened the new international season in cross- country rallies, was attended by the best world and Russian pilots, including Vladimir Vasiliev, Boris Gadasin, Miroslav Zapletal and others.

During the event Baja competitors got an opportunity to meet Silk Way Rally Project Director Vladimir Chagin and Rally Creative Director Denis Simachev as well as to learn the latest news on preparation of Red Square start ceremony and rally route. After the triumph success of 10 735 km long race last year, the interest of sportsmen in Silk Way Rally increased significantly. Many teams have already expressed their intention to participate in the longest race on Earth.

In 2017 the Organization Committee will surprise the competitors with new route and new challenges. At the same time, thanks to the support of Rally general partner Gazprom, the race will continue to take a form of international rally, crossing three countries: Russia, Kazakhstan and China. The route will become a symbol of friendship and rapprochement of Eurasian countries and an example of cooperation in the most innovative domains.

The above-mentioned updates were told to the guests during the press conference by Vladimir Chagin himself. Denis Simachev also addressed the journalists, speaking about the new range of Silk Way Rally brand uniform, which is being developed for the 7 th edition. The first rally route reconnaissance is already finished. 12 specialists on Toyotas, official cars of the rally, explored Chinese Kumtag Desert, known for its exceptional summer heat. The general reconnaissance will start in April and include Russian and Kazakh fields and steppes, after that the Organization Committee will announce the full route.

Speaking with pilots. Silk Way Rally presentation on Russia Northern Forest Baja.

Vladimir Chagin, Silk Way Rally Director

All Northern Forest competitors are welcome to Silk Way Rally, which starts on 7th July at the Red Square. I wish every participant to drive through the slippery tracks of Karelia as confidently as through the sandy off-road tracks of Silk Way Rally. The preparation of Silk Way Rally of this year is in full progress. We made everything to make the route more interesting and various, with most possible road sections and most possible amazing landscapes and full variety of surfaces on the way from Moscow to Xi’an.

Denis Simachev, Silk Way Rally Creative Director

Last year I joined Silk Way Rally as a Creative Director. We started with a very serious task: created a Cup, a Tiger Cup, which was great success. This year we are moving forward. For example, we created new uniform, started to use new technology and materials, updated brand style. It will be more than just uniform, more than just a sporting clothes collection. We also find social and travel aspects very important. We are targeted to promote sport and travel.

Vladimir Vasiliev, pilot, Russia

This year Northern Forest is the first round of FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies. And we intend to take part in all rounds. The only race we will miss falls on the dates of Silk Way Rally, which is our priority.

Laurent Lichtleuchter, navigator, France

For me Northern Forest Baja is a first time I will co-drive on the snow. I’m sure that it will be great. For the Silk Way, I hope Toyota will continue to go on this race and I will go with them.

Yasir Seaidan, pilot, Saudi Arabia

I hope to compete on Silk Way Rally 2017. It’s a very famous race. Every pilot I know, who participated in it, was happy. They said it was a very nice rally. I’m dreaming to join this amazing competition.

Maria Oparina, pilot, Russia

Let me thank Silk Way Rally Organization As it was the coolest and most interesting race in my life. No race ever made me feel such emotions. The variety of surfaces, very high dunes and so many famous sportsmen that go through the same stages by your side! Looking forward to next year. This time I plan to join the all-female crew in T3 category.

Marco Piana, team manager, France

Sure, we will go again to the Silk Way, because we really had a very nice race last year. And we think that today it is one of the nicest long races to attend, regarding the track. That’s what we’ve liked.