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Vladimir Chagin – Man of the Year in Motorsport!


On 10 November the Head of International Silk Way Rally project and the Director of KAMAZ-master team Vladimir Chagin became a winner of the most prestigious category, being named a Man of the Year in Motorsport during Russian Motorsport Forum, which took place this week on Moscow Raceway.

Furthermore, another member of Silk Way Rally Directorate was also honored by competition jury: Route Safety Director Victor Sokolov won a prize in category of Safety on Motorsport Competitions. “Russian Motorsport develops by leaps and bounds. That’s great to see how new people get involved, especially young people – the stages of Russian National Championship and Silk Way Rally prove this point. We did, do and will do everything to encourage this process” – said Chagin in his speech on the stage. “I’m very excited and happy to win this prize. I’m committed to motorsport, it has always been a part of my life. I’d like to thank my own team KAMAZ-master and also those that were involved in conduction of Silk Way Rally – sponsors, partners and race participants – such competition would not be possible without you. Today’s prize is our common win. I wish teams and pilots to perform great, impressive and safe, to podium more often and to delight Russian fans”.

Vladimir Chagin – Man of the Year in  Motorsport!