Route of Silk Way Rally 2017

  • Gazprom
After the solemn start ceremony on Red Square the participants will take off towards scenic twisting roads, rush through boundless Russian fields, where only the best navigators will be able to found the right direction in high grass. The 7th edition of the rally will include the all-new and untraveled routes of European part of Russia, that will be enjoyed by both admirers of classic rally and fans of speedy sections in open spaces.

Kazakhstan is a linking bridge between Europe and Asia. Stretching from the Volga Delta to Tian Shan mountains, it will become a part of Silk Way Rally route for the third time. Breathtaking lakes and canyons together with mountain plateaus and ravines are a landmark of rally routes, which once again will set up a challenge for racers, their piloting skills and ability to adapt to surface conditions. That is a true test of endurance in the conditions of frequent elevation changes and rising temperature.

Silk Way Rally caravan will cross Tian Shan mountains and enter China, where the keen sporting competition in Gobi desert will once again require the highest attention. In China competitors will explore the secrets of ancient civilization and unknown lands. The giant dunes and great sand massifs, extreme temperatures, sudden changes of direction and hidden traps will make the journey to Xi’an an unforgettable adventure and an incredible human and physical experience.