• Gazprom

10 735 km is total length of rally route

17 days is total duration of rally

14 bivouacs

41 countries represented by pilots

1 100 participants and team members

more than 2 500 people in Europe, Russia and China took part in organization of rally

145 Russian and international journalists with permanent accreditation

560 media professionals with temporary accreditation

196 countries of Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa broadcasted TV

programs on Silk Way Rally 2016

daily access to bivouac for up to 2 200 people

550 vehicles arrived at the bivouac every day and then kept driving along rally route

125 sporting vehicles (102 cars and 23 trucks) took part in competition

192 vehicles of Assistance category

168 organization vehicles provided rally services

up to 15 000 people in every fan zone along rally route

16 aircrafts constituted rally aviation group

14 car transporters accompanied rally