Accreditation entry forms are available at www.silkwayrally.com

Time of accreditation entry: Start from June 15th.

End – two days before the visit to the chosen bivouac/start/finish.

The number of individual accreditations are limited per media and cannot exceed:

  •         For TV channels – not more than 5 persons
  •         For Radio, printed media, internet – not more than 2 persons


Number of daily accreditations for one media is restricted and cannot exceed 3 legs. Request for daily accreditation at start and/or finish and/or bivouac along the rally itinerary should be accompanied by the copy of press card and/or editorial card is compulsory.


Accreditation provides a daily access to:

  •     Bivouacs (without food)
  •     Spaces for competitors
  •     Press information (dedicated area, no access to the Media Center)
  •     Podiums (dedicated area)


Accreditations do not include:

  •     Transportation between bivouacs (neither insured nor supported by the organization).
  •     Catering at the bivouacs.
  •     Access to the race route (it is strictly prohibited).
  •     Transmissions’ costs.


The organizing committee does not provide computers nor any other office equipment.

CAUTION: It’s impossible to obtain daily accreditations for more than 3 cumulated legs.

Are considered as one leg:

Administrative checks, scrutineering and start podium (5th and 6th July) Any entire leg, starting from the morning and finishing at night, upon arrival of the leg, Finish podium.


Deadline Application form 


START, 05-07 june,  IRKUTSK 03 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 1, 7 june, BAYKALSK 05 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 2, 8 june, ULAN-UDE  06 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 3, 9 june, ULAANBAATAR 07 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 4, 10 june, ULAANBAATAR 08 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 5, 11 june, MANDALGOVI 09 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 6, 12 june, DALANZADGAD 10 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 7, 13 june, BAYINBAOLIGE 11 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 8, 14 june, ALASHAN 12 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 9, 15 june, JIAYUGUAN 13 июля 2019 APPLY
ETAPE 10, 16 june, DUNHUANG 14 июля 2019 APPLY