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Silk Way Rally 2018: Chinese stages

Silk Way Rally 2018: Chinese stages

In 2018 rally route was significantly updated, comparing with the ones of 2016 and 2017 – this year it consists of two stages: Russian and Chinese.

The Russian stages of SWR 2018 went from Astrakhan to Moscow. This edition was a tough challenge even for the most successful racers, the leaders of cross-country rallies. The competitors expressed the common opinion – Russian stages were one of the most challenging ones in their racing careers. Russian and Chinese racers completed the route with outstanding results – first places were taken by Zi Yungang in T2, Maria Oparina in T3, Andrey Karginov in T4 and Sergey Karyakin in Open 4.

The finish ceremony of Silk Way Rally 2018 in Moscow was attended by the Deputy Head of State General Sports Administration of China Mr. Gao Zhidan and the President of the Chinese Automobile and Motorcycle Sport Federation Mr. Zhan Guojun, who announced the program of Chinese stages: Chinese part of rally will be held from the 23rd to the 28th of September 2018 along the route Xi’an – Alxa Zuoqi.

The second half of rally will begin with the solemn ceremony in Xi’an (Shaanxi Province) on 23rd of September. Then all teams will move their racing vehicles to the rally bivouac in Alxa (Dream Garden).

The official competition will start in Alxa League on 25 September and the finish ceremony is scheduled on 28 September.

The route is designed in desert areas, total length of 1,600 km with 800 km of selective sections. Chinese stages have always been unique because of the Gobi Desert, which sets best challenges for the racers, together with one of the highest fixed dunes in the world and the picturesque oases with small lakes.

As originally planned, organisers set the route along varied sandy tracks, so navigators would have to remember the art of reading road book notes and dealing with the devices as well as to perform their best in the middle of desert and semi-desert lands of Gobi, the third largest desert in the world. Such special skills as driving through the sands at highest speed will be required of all crews competing in car and truck category.

Chinese stages of Silk Way Rally 2018 are held under the support of the State General Sport Administration of China, the Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation and local governments and province administrations along rally route. The reccies and other preparation activities are just about to be launched.




Dates of competition:

23-28 Sept 2018


Administrative checks and technical scrutineering - Xi’an, Shaanxi Province

Selective sections - Left Banner of Alxa League (Alashan Zuoqi), Inner Mongolia


21/09 Administrative checks (Xi’an, Shaanxi)

22/09 Technical scrutineering (Xi’an Shaanxi)

23/09 10 AM Start ceremony (Xi’an Shaanxi)

Then all teams move their racing vehicles to Dream Garden (location of the Race of Heroes in Alxa)

25/09 12:00 start from CP in Dream Garden (location of the Race of Heroes in Alxa)

25/09 — SS1

26/09 — SS2

27/09 — SS3

28/09 — SS4

28/09 afternoon: Finish ceremony, evening: award ceremony (Alashan Zuoqi)


Land surface: desert, semi-desert 

Special stages: around 800 km

Total route: around 1,600 km




Reduced fee: till 12 Sept 2018 5PM

End of registration: 17 Sept 2018 5PM

Contact person: Zhou Qingyang

Tel: 13810347533