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Tapio and Toni Lauronens (Finland) win free entry for Silk Way Rally

Tapio and Toni Lauronens (Finland) win free entry for Silk Way Rally

Baja Russia Northern Forest took place last weekend in Karelia, opening the season of the major league in the discipline.

Silk Way Rally organisers stay true to themselves and greet Baja’s competitors in Karelia as the first round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies starts on the same day with the opening of registration for Silk Way Rally, which will be held in July. The participants of this Karelian race got their opportunity to meet SWR Organisation, to learn the details of the future route and entry fees and to consult on the logistic issues. 

This year FIA had decided to split the calendars and racing series, so the World Cup 2019 set two series: the World Cup for Bajas (short off-road races) and the World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies. 
The only Baja on ice in the world has gained an exceptional popularity among the pilots that compete for points in this series – the flags of 15 countries were displayed on the racing vehicles, delivered from Finland, Argentina, Oman, Lithuania, Czech Republic etc. 

Vladimir Chagin addressed all the pilots: after wishing them good luck and to get on the champion podium as often as possible, he invited everyone to the start of Silk Way Rally at the shores of Baikal Lake. 
Silk Way Rally Organisation followed the tradition and awarded the certificate for a free entry for the July’s marathon from Irkutsk to Dunhuang to the fastest crew on Baja

This time the first prize was taken by father and son Lauronens – Tapio and Toni performed great driving skills and became the champions of the first round of the World Cup for Bajas. The certificate was given to its rightful owners on the award ceremony. SWR Route Safety Director Victor Sokolov introduced the new regions, crossed by rally route, SWR Media Director Lina Arnautova presented the leaders with the photo album from limited edition, announced the opening of registration and the date of its closure and invited media journalists to join the summer event.

Silk Way Rally will take place from July 6 to 16 and follow the route Irkutsk – Ulan-Bator-Dunhuang. 10 days of exciting competition will offer an amazing journey to several categories: besides the usual cars and trucks, bikes and quads will enter the battle for the first time in rally’s history.