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The President of Mongolia met Vladimir Chagin during the visit of SWR working group

The President of Mongolia met Vladimir Chagin during the visit of SWR working group

The preparation to the ninth edition of Silk Way Rally is going full steam ahead: the meeting of Russian and Mongolian working groups on the organisation of this international marathon was held last week in Ulan-Bator.

The President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga personally, together with Rally Director Vladimir Chagin, attended the meeting of working groups on the organisational issues. Silk Way Rally has been held since 2009 but this year the rally crosses Mongolia for the first time. In July 2019 three of ten stages will be set at the Mongolia’s off-road. Racing caravan will go from north to south with a few stops at dedicated bivouacs. 

The President emphasized that a special attention will be paid to the project as the rally is crucially significant for the country. 
The Head of President’s Office Zandaakhüügiin Enkhbold exchanged views with Russian working group on the issues, related to the organisation and planning of Silk Way Rally in July 2019. 

On July 11-13 Mongolia traditionally commemorates the 1921 Revolution and holds a national festival called Naadam, widely celebrated among Mongols. In Mongol language the term naadam means “festival”, “three games of men”. These traditional games include three national sports – wrestling, archery and horse racing. Nowadays Naadam annually gathers 35 thousands of wrestlers, forty thousands of horses and more than one thousand and five hundred archers in total. Each Mongolian province and district makes its own special preparations to the festival. Tourists from all over the world come to Mongolia to watch the games, and the main battle takes place in the capital of Mongolia, Ulan-Bator. 

In 2019 Silk Way Rally coincide with this amazing festival, so rally participants have their opportunity to experience the national celebrations and to learn the traditions of this ancient country.