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Welcome to China!

Welcome to China!

For years, the Chinese part of the route has become the climax and the most anticipated part of the competition. The Silk Way Rally will visit China this year and two special stages of the race will pass through the sands of the Gobi Desert. Zhan Guojun, President of the Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of China, shared his plans, which are to be realized in a month.

What is the main feature of Chinese stages?

As always, a very competitive and interesting stages was designed. The main challenge is the dunes in the Gobi desert since it has a high demand for the navigation skills. Part of the competitors might need the shovel during the race. However, most of the participants can return to the bivouac before the sunset. 

What about the bivouacs in China?

The CAMF has arranged for the Chinese bivouacs. All the guests wiil feel the hospitality. There will be the shows every night and the Chinese food which is suitable for the western flavour.

This year is the first time for the motorbikes to join the Silk Way Rally. In your opinion, can the riders pass the challenge of Chinese dunes?

Yes, the Chinese dunes might set up a challenge for the riders since the dunes in July is a bit soft. However, I believe the participants also has rich experiences so I think they will overcome the difficulties in the dunes. Looking forward to welcome you all in China!