Silk Way Rally 2020 supplementary regulations for cars will be online by beginning of April.

Silk Way Rally 2020 being part of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, you must also refer yourself to the FIA 2020 Cross-Country Rally Sporting regulations and to its appendixes, especially the Appendixes J, Technical regulations and the following articles 281, 282, 283, 283.8, 284, 285, 286, 286A, 287 :

For any sporting request, please contact:

Laurent FABRE:  Clerck of the Course


In order to be sure that your vehicle complies with technical regulations and so as to save time for scrutineering, you may contact one of our technical stewards for pre-scrutineering.

You can contact one of them to fix an appointment and he will come at your convenience.

The costs are at the team’s expense. Price conditions are the following ones:

  • Pre-scrutineering, fixed price for 1 car: 150 €, for 2 cars: 200 €.
  • (over 2 cars, see directly with technical steward)
  • Travel costs: either plane/train ticket + taxis or 0,50 €/km + toll +fuel.





Jean-Claude DESNOUX


(speaks english and french)

(speak French)

Tel : +33 668 831 486

Tel : +33 679 141 142

For any FIA passport request and how to proceed, please contact your ASN or the FIA. 



The supplementary BIKE Regulations of the Silk Way Rally 2020 will be online by beginning of April.

Silk Way Rally 2020 being part of the FIM Cross-Country Rally World Championship, you must also refer yourself to the FIM 2020 Cross-Country Rally World Championship Regulations and its appendixes:

For any request about sporting rules, thank you to contact:

Mahmoud Essoussi:, Clerck of the Course

For any technical request, please contact:

Gianfranco Ferretti tel : + 39 348 49 71 611, Email :