SILK WAY RALLY 2019: the 9th edition of the SILK WAY RALLY (6 to 16 July 2019) will feature a brand-new route. Mongolia will be part of the track. Creation of a motorcycle category. 
The start will be held in Irkutsk (Russia) on 6 July 2019 and then the race will take competitors on this new edition across the magnificent scenery of southern Siberia and Lake Baïkal, onto Ulan Bator, to cross Mongolia from north to south, before a final Chinese chapter in the oasis adorned dunes of the Gobi Desert. The finish will be held in Dunhuang on 16 July, after 5000 kilometers. Initially planned for 2018, and then postponed for logistical reasons, the motorcycle category will finally be included on this 2019 edition.